The proceedings of the symposium will be published after the symposium. All authors of accepted contributions should submit a paper. No distinction will be made between oral and poster presentations.

Manuscripts should be submitted in camera-ready form. Deadline for submission of manuscripts is November 12, 2001 at the registration desk of the symposium. Please note that the proceedings will be printed in white-and-black format.

One original manuscript is required. And also we request an electronic file of the manuscript (MS-WORD or PDF file), if possible. Please indicate your name, presentation number and OS (WINDOWS or Mac) on your 1.44MB diskette, Zip disk, CD-ROM or MO disk.

Manuscripts should be within 6 pages for invited papers and within 4 pages for contributed papers. Manuscripts must be typed within a rectangle of 17 cm wide by 24 cm high. The format required is using TIMES (NEW) ROMAN font with:


Selected papers will have an honor to submit in a special issue of "Surface and Interface Analysis". The Scientific Committee will select papers to be submitted in Surface and Interface Analysis. The paper will be selected from among the accepted abstracts. The paper will be published according to a normal publication procedure of "Surface and Interface Analysis". The authors should prepare the manuscripts for submission separate from those for the proceedings. The details will be announced directly to the corresponding authors.