Scientific Program


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Nov.11 (Sunday)
14:00-RegistrationEntrance Hall (1F)
16:00-18:00Get TogetherReception Hall (2F)

Nov.12 (Monday)
9:00-9:40Opening CeremonyNoh Theater (1F)
9:40-11:40Plenary Lectures
11:45-12:25New Microscope I
13:45-14:15New Microscope I (continued)
Conference Room 3&4 (2F)
14:15-15:25New Field
15:25-15:40Coffee Break
15:40-16:40SPM I
16:40-17:15Student Awards
17:15-19:30Poster SessionConference Room 1&2 (1F)

Nov.13 (Tuesday)
9:00-10:40Analysis with Photo-Emission TechniqueConference Room 3&4 (2F)
10:40-10:55Coffee Break
10:55-12:25Ion Scattering
14:00-15:30SPM IIConference Room 3&4 (2F)
15:30-15:45Coffee Break
15:45-17:05TEM & SEM
17:05-17:35Emission Process & Surface Analysis
17:35-18:05Snacks (sandwiches) & Drinks
18:05-20:05Emission Process & Surface Analysis

Nov.14 (Wednesday)
9:00-10:40New Microscope IIConference Room 3&4 (2F)
10:40-10:55Coffee Break
10:55-12:25Electron Interference & LEED
12:30-17:00Excursion (with lunch box)
17:30-18:00Noh AppreciationNoh Theater (1F)
18:00-20:00BanquetReception Hall (2F)

Opening Ceremony (in conjunction with SIMS XIII)
9:00-9:10Y.Nihei (Chairman of ALC '01 & SIMS XIII)
9:10-9:15Representative of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Plenary Lectures (in conjunction with SIMS XIII)
9:40-10:2012PL1"Depth Profiling Using Ultra Low Energy Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry"
10:20-11:0012PL2"Prospects for Imaging TOF-SIMS: From Fundamentals to Biotechnology"
11:00-11:4012PL3"Toward Aberration-Free Image Observation by TEM and STEM"

Oral Session (Conference Room 3&4 except for Nov.12, morning)
New Microscope I
11:45-12:2512I01"Surface Electron Microscopy with Slow Reflected and Emitted Electrons"
E.Bauer (invited)
13:45-14:1512I02"Photoemission Microscopy of Magnetic Structures in Oligatomic Films"
J.Kirschner (invited)

New Field
14:15-14:5512I03"Nanotechnology: Opportunities and Challenges"
A.D.Romig, Jr. and T.A.Michalske (invited)
14:55-15:2512I04"In Situ Observation of Solid-Liquid Interfaces by Transmission Electron Microscopy"
H.Saka (invited)

15:40-16:1012I05"Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Nanostructures"
W.-D.Schneider (invited)
16:10-16.4012I06"A Challenge to Chemical Identification of Single Atom on Silicon Surface by Scanning Tunneling Microscope with Atom Probe"
H.Tokumoto and T.Shimizu (invited)

Analysis with Photo-Emission Technique
9:00-9:4013I01"3D Atomic Structure Determination of Surface and Interface by Photoelectron Spectro-Holography"
Y.Nihei, H.Ishii and M.Owari (invited)
9:40-10:1013I02"Investigations on a Ferromagnetic, Atomically Sharp Interface: h-BN on Ni(111)"
T.Greber, W.Auwärter, H.J.Neff, M.Muntwiler, M.Hoesch, F.Baumberger, M.Hengsberger, G.Grad, P.Blaha and J.Osterwalder (invited)
10:10-10:4013I03"Surface Multilayer Characterization Using Total Reflection X-rays"
J.Kawai (invited)

Ion Scattering
10:55-11:2513I04"High-Resolution Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy: A New Tool for Atomic Level Characterization"
K.Kimura and K.Nakajima (invited)
11:25-11:5513I05"Adsorption Studies on Metal Alloy Surfaces by STM, LEIS and XPD"
W.Heiland (invited)
11:55-12:2513I06"Structural Characterization of Metal-Oxide Dielectrics on Si"
M.Copel (invited)

14:00-14:3013I07"Local Structures on Metals Studied by STM on Atomic Scale"
P.Varga (invited)
14:30-15:0013I08"Noncontact Atomic Force Microscopy on Semiconductor Surfaces"
S.Morita and Y.Sugawara (invited)
15:00-15:3013I09"STM Study of the Growth and Structure of Thin Films of Transition Metal Oxides"
H.Neddermeyer (invited)

15:45-16:1513I10"Quantitative Microanalysis with High Spatial Resolution: Application of FEG-STEM XEDS Microanalysis to the Characterization of Complex Microstructures in Unirradiated and Irradiated Low Alloy Forging Steel"
D.B.Williams and M.Watanabe (invited)
16:15-16:3513O01"Development and Application of a New 300kV Energy Filter Electron Microscope"
Y.Bando, M.Mitome, D.Golberg, Y.Kitami, K.Kurashima, T.Kaneyama, Y.Okura and M.Naruse
16:35-17:0513I11"Ultrahigh Vacuum Scanning Electron Microscopy - Toward the Engineering of Atomic Steps -"
Y.Homma, P.Finnie, A.Kaneko and T.Ogino (invited)

Electron Emission & Surface Analysis
17:05-17:3513I12"Contrast Differences of Secondary Electron Images between Scanning Electron and Scanning Ion Microscopy"
M.Kudo, T.Suzuki and T.Ichinokawa (invited)
18:05-18:3513I13"Imaging of Samples with Shallow Surface Topography in the Scanning Electron Microscope"
O.Wells (invited)
18:35-19:0513I14"Some Applications of Monte Carlo Simulation of Electron Scattering at nm-scale"
Z.Ding (invited)
19:05-19:2513O02"Thermal Decomposition of ZrO2/SiO2 Bilayer on Si(001)"
19:25-19:4513O03"Characterization of Ultra-Thin InAs Quantum Wells by TEM-CL and TEM Techniques"
V.Grillo, N.Yamamoto and Y.Watanabe
19:45-20:0513O04"Characterization of Nanostructure of Rusts Formed on Wheathering Steel"
M.Kimura, T.Suzuki, G.Shigesato, S.Suzuki and H.Kihira

New Microscope II
9:00-9:4014I01"Design and First Tests of a Mirror-Corrected Ultrahigh-Resolution Spectroscopic Electron Microscope"
H.Rose, P.Hartel and D.Preikszas (invited)
9:40-10:1014I02"Dynamic Observation and Structure Analysis of Nano-Structures on Si"
T.Koshikawa (invited)
10:10-10:4014I03"Dynamic Properties of Nanostructures at Surfaces: In-Situ Measurements by LEEM and SPLEEM"
A.K.Schmid, N.C.Bartelt, R.Q.Hwang and H.Poppa (invited)

Electron Interference & LEED
10:55-11:2514I04"Surface Patterson Function by Inversion of Low Energy Electron Diffraction IV Spectra at Multiple Incident Angles"
S.Y.Tong (invited)
11:25-11:5514I05"Visualization of Electromagnetic Micro-Fields by Advanced Electron Holography"
T.Hirayama, Z.Wang, K.Yamamoto, T.Kato, N.Kato, K.Sasaki, H.Saka and K.Urata (invited)
11:55-12:2514I06"Ultra-Coherent Electron Beams"
C.Oshima (invited)

Student Awards (Conference Room 3&4, Nov.12, afternoon)
16:40-16:50Awarding Ceremony
16:50-17:15Short Presentations by Recipients (5min each)
M.Hamdi (Kyoto University)
"Atomic Level Characterizations of Hydroxyapatite Films for Biomedical Applications"
S.Iida (Osaka University)
"Atomic Level Characterization of Sc-O/W(100) Emitter at High Temperatures I"
T.Kawasaki (Osaka University)
"Phase Reconstruction with Aberration Correction by Three-dimensional Fourier Filtering Method"
N.Kuroiwa (Osaka Electro-Communication University)
"Cu Nano-Structure Formation and Structure Analysis on H Terminated Si(111)"
T.Yamashita (Waseda University)
"Coherent Electron Emission from Carbon Nanotubes - Young's Interference of Electrons with a Fermi Wavelength -"

Poster Session (Conference Room 1&2, *: Student Awards)
12P01"STM Light Emission from Reconstructed Structures on Semiconductor and Metal Surfaces"
S.Kagami, Y.Harada, M.Hoshino, H.Minoda and N.Yamamoto
12P02"Ion Emission Induced by Deexcitation of Metastable Atoms from Self-Assembled Monolayers"
Y.Yamauchi, M.Kurahashi and T.Suzuki
12P03"Monte Carlo Modeling of X-ray Generation under Electron Bombardment"
T.Nagatomi, T.Shimada, Y.Kimura, Y.Takai, S.Awata, T.Yurugi and K.Obori
12P04"Monte Carlo Simulation of X-ray Generation in W/Cu-target as Applied to Optimum Designing of High Power X-ray Source"
A.Yoshioka, K.Araki, R.Shimizu, T.Nagatomi and Ding Zejun
12P05"Monte Carlo Simulation of Target-Atomic-Number Dependence of Ion-Induced Kinetic Electron Emission"
12P06"Analysis of the Spin-Polarization Enhancement in Secondary Electron Emission from Ferromagnetic Materials"
M.Yasuda, R.Katsuse, H.Kawata and K.Murata
12P07"Quantitative Measurements of Surface Potential and Amount of Charging in Insulator Sample under Electron Beam Irradiation"
Y.Mizuhara, T.Nagatomi, Y.Kimura, Y.Takai and M.Inoue
12P08"Precise Energy Distribution of Elastically Backscattered Primary Electrons: Energy Calibration in Electron Spectroscopy"
K.Goto, J.Y.Zhong, N.N.Rahman and R.Shimizu
12P09"Construction of Database of Effective Energy Loss Functions"
T.Nagatomi, Y.Takai, B.V.Crist and R.Shimizu
12P10"Possibility of Observing the Electric Field due to 5 Electrons by High Precision Phase-Shifting Electron Holography"
K.Yamamoto, T.Tanji, M.Hibino and T.Hirayama
*12P11"Phase Reconstruction with Aberration Correction by Three-dimensional Fourier Filtering Method"
T.Kawasaki and Y.Takai
12P12"Aberration Free Imaging Technique Based on Focal Depth Extension"
12P13"Development of a Dedicated STEM and Its Performance in Materials Characterization"
T.Hashimoto, T.Yaguchi, T.Kamino and R.Urao
12P14"Ultra-High Vacuum Scanning Electron Microscopy Combined with Total Reflection Angle X-ray Spectroscopy"
T.Yamanaka, N.Shimomura and S.Ino
12P15"Development of Silver Coated Fiber Probe for Photon STM"
K.Onishi, T.Ohgi and D.Fujita
12P16"Development of the Novel Instrument for X-ray Photoelectron Diffraction Using the Multi-Energy High Power X-ray Source"
H.Ishii, S.Shiraki, K.Tamura, S.Omori, T.Okano, M.Owari, M.Doi, K.Tsukamoto, M.Taguchi, C.Oshima, T.Koshikawa, R.Shimizu and Y.Nihei
12P17"Measurements of Photoelectron Diffraction by Using the High Angle Resolving Analyzer"
K.Tamura, M.Amano, R.Tamura, H.Ishii, T.Okano, M.Owari, M.Taguchi, H.Kobayashi, K.Watanabe, H.Iwai and Y.Nihei
12P18"A Novel Electron Energy Analyzer"
M.Goto, T.Nakajima, K.Yamamura, C.Oshima and T.Ishikawa
12P19"Imaging Energy Filter of Double Einzel Lenses"
T.Ogawa, A.Ishikawa, C.Oshima and T.Ichinokawa
12P20"A Low-Temperature Field Emission System for Development of Ultra-Coherent Electron Beams"
B.Cho, T.Ogawa and C.Oshima
*12P21"Atomic Level Characterization of Sc-O/W(100) Emitter at High Temperatures I"
S.Iida, T.Tsujita, T.Nagatomi, Y.Kimura and Y.Takai
12P22"Atomic Level Characterization of Sc-O/W(100) Emitter at High Temperatures II"
T.Tsujita, S.Iida, T.Nagatomi, Y.Kimura and Y.Takai
12P23"Study on Surface Structure of Zr-O/W (100) by X-ray Photoelectron Diffraction"
M.Amano, K.Tamura, H.Ishii, M.Owari, T.Kawano, T.Nagatomi, Y.Takai, R.Shimizu and Y.Nihei
12P24"Electron Emission Characteristics of ZrO/W Electron Sources with a Wide Range of Tip Radii"
S.Sakawa and K.Tsunoda
12P25"Tip Radius of Tungsten Point Cathode at High Temperatures: Effects of Surface Diffusion and Evaporation"
R.Iiyoshi and M.Hibino
*12P26"Coherent Electron Emission from Carbon Nanotubes - Young's Interference of Electrons with a Fermi Wavelength -"
T.Yamashita, K.Matsuda, T.Kona, Y.Mogami, M.Komaki, Y.Murata, C.Oshima, T.Kuzumaki and Y.Horiike
12P27"Computation of Electric Field Strength on the Apexes of Vertically-Aligned Carbon Nanotubes"
H.Shimoyama, H.Murata and T.Ohye
12P28"Electron Optical Instrument for Evaluation of Multi Emitters"
H.Shimoyama, H.Murata, A.Mogami, Y.Sakai, M.Kato and K.Betsui
12P29"Development of Remolding Technique for High Performance Field Emitter"
S.Asano, M.Aoyama and H.Shimoyama
12P30"Electronic States of Carbon Nano-Ribbons"
R.Ohno, M.Hosoda, M.Okuzawa, H.Tanaka, S.Otani and C.Oshima
12P31"Atomic Vibrations of Lithium Atoms Adsorbed on Carbon Nano-Ribbons"
A.Tajima, T.Tanaka, R.Moriizumi, H.Yanagisawa and C.Oshima
12P32"SPM Investigation of C60 Thin Films Irradiated with Energetic Ions"
K.Narumi and H.Naramoto
12P33"Structural Characterization of the C60 Nanowhiskers Formed by the Liquid-Liquid Interfacial Precipitation Method"
K.Miyazawa, Y.Kuwasaki, A.Obayashi and M.Kuwabara
12P34"Structural Characterization of Randomly and Vertically Oriented Carbon Nanotube Films Grown by Using Chemical Vapor Deposition"
T.Ikuno, T.Yamamoto, S.Takahashi, M.Kamizono, S.Honda, M.Katayama, T.Hirono and K.Oura
12P35"Carbon Nanotube Thin Films Formed by Surface Decomposition of SiC"
M.Kusunoki, T.Suzuki, C.Honjo, T.Hirayama and N.Shibata
12P36"HRTEM and Energy-Filtering TEM of Multi-Walled Nanotubes Composed of B, C and N Atoms"
D.Golberg, Y.Bando, M.Mitome, K.Kurashima and T.Sato
12P37"Plasmon Energies and Work Function in Ar+ Irradiated Graphite"
H.Hashimoto, M.Watanabe, S.Nishiuma, K.Nakamura and S.Yoshida
12P38"Study on Interface Structures of h-BN/Ni(111) by X-ray Photoelectron Diffraction with a Multi-Energy X-ray Source"
R.Tamura, K.Tamura, H.Ishii, M.Owari, T.Tanaka, A.Tajima, R.Morizumi, C.Oshima and Y.Nihei
12P39"Linearly Polarized Light Two-Dimensional Photoelectron Spectroscopy: Band Dispersion of Kish Graphite in Three-Dimensions"
F.Matsui, H.Miyata, H.Namba and H.Daimon
12P40"X-ray Total Reflection and Traveling Wave from Multilayers"
P.F.Karimov, S.Harada and J.Kawai
12P41"Real Time Observation of Surface Morphology at Nanometer Scale with Using X-ray Specular Reflection"
T.Kawamura, S.Bhunia, Y.Watanabe, S.Fujikawa, K.Uchida, J.Matsui, Y.Kagoshima and Y.Tsusaka
12P42"A Highly Sensitive Method to Detect Strain Using X-ray Dynamical Diffraction Applicable to Surface and Interface Analyses"
12P43"Imaging Micropatterned Organosilane Self-Assembled Monolayers on Silicon by Means of Scanning Electron Microscopy and Kelvin-Probe Force Microscopy"
Y.Wu, K.Hayashi, N.Saito, H.Sugimura and O.Takai
12P44"An FIB Micro-Sampling Technique for Three-Dimensional Characterization of a Specific Site"
T.Yaguchi, Y.Kuroda, Y.Ueki, T.Kamino, T.Ohnishi, K.Umemura and K.Asayama
12P45"Inelastic Energy Loss, Charged Fraction and Elastic Cross-Sections of keV He+ Ion Scattered from Monolayer Metal Adsorbates on the Si(111) Surfaces Studied by CAICISS"
K.Morita and N.Kishi
12P46"Atomic Scale Interface Diffusion Studies with MEIS"
D.W.Moon, Y.H.Ha, H.I.Lee, Y.Park, J.Kim, S.-C.Shin, Y.S.Lim and J.Y.Lee
12P47"Atomic Structure of the Si(113) Surface Studied by Coaxial Impact Collision Ion Scattering Spectroscopy"
K.S.Kim, J.U.Choi, J.H.Kim and H.J.Kang
12P48"Structural Analysis of the Si(111)-3-Sb Surface by Means of CAICISS"
N.Kishi and K.Morita
12P49"Reflection Electron Microscope Study of Periodic Step Density Wave on a Si(111) Vicinal Surface"
12P50"Influence of Hydrogen-Surfactant Coverage during Ge Growth on Si(001)"
S.Inoue, T.Okuno, T.Fujino, Y.Yamazaki, M.Katayama and K.Oura
12P51"STM Observation of Self-Organized Al Nanocluster Formation on Si(100) Surfaces Induced by Atomic Hydrogen"
S.Itou, A.A.Saranin, A.V.Zotov, O.Kubo, T.Kobayashi, N.Yamaoka, M.Katayama and K.Oura
*12P52"Cu Nano-Structure Formation and Structure Analysis on H Terminated Si(111)"
N.Kuroiwa, P.Rajasekar, Y.Fukushima, T.Yasue, T.Koshikawa, H.Neddermeyer, M.Jalochowski and E.Bauer
12P53"High Resolution Microscopy and FFT of Damage Structure in Hydrogen-Ion Implanted Si Wafer"
S.Ohnuki, S.Suzuki, S.Watanabe and T.Abe
12P54"Influence of O2 Incident Energy for Initial Sticking Probability and Product SiO Desorption Rate on Si(001) Surfaces"
Y.Teraoka and A.Yoshigoe
12P55"Oxidation of HF-Treated Si(001) Surfaces Induced by O2 Translational Energy"
A.Yoshigoe and Y.Teraoka
12P56"Graded Etching: A New Preparation Method for Evaluation of SiO2 Films and SiO2/Si Interfaces"
Y.Muraji, K.Yoshikawa, M.Nakamura and Y.Nakagawa
12P57"Auger Electron Spectroscopy Combined with Reflection High-Energy Electron Diffraction Applied to Real-Time Monitoring of Si Thermal Oxidation"
Y.Takakuwa, F.Ishida and T.Kawawa
12P58"AFM Observation of Nanosized SiC Dots Prepared by Ion Beam Deposition"
Y.Xu, K.Narumi, K.Miyashita and H.Naramoto
12P59"Structural Analysis of the 6H-SiC(0001)(3)-R30° Surfaces by RHEED Rocking Curves"
Y.Hisada, T.Aoyama, S.Mukainakano and A.Ichimiya
12P60"Initial Oxidation of 6H-SiC(0001)-3 Surface Studied by SR-Photoelectron Spectroscopy Coupled with Medium Energy Ion Scattering"
Y.Hoshino, T.Nishimura, K.Ogawa, H.Namba and Y.Kido
12P62"Surface Morphology Analysis of the Thermally Annealed Ti Films on 3C- and 4H-SiC by Photoemission Electron Microscopy"
J.Labis, C.Kamezawa, M.Hirai, M.Kusaka and M.Iwami
12P63"Characterization of Annealed Zirconium Oxide and Silicate Gate Dielectric Films on Si(001)"
T.Yasue, M.Hirose, K.Manabe, N.Ikarashi and T.Koshikawa
12P64"A Novel Compositional Accommodation Mechanism in SrNbO3 Epitaxial Thin Films Revealed by Analytical Electron Microscopy"
S.Takeno, R.Ohara, K.Sano and T.Kawakubo
12P65"Micro-Analysis of Domain Boundaries in -SiAlON by Field-Emission Transmission Electron Microscope"
F.F.Xu, Y.Bando, C.M.Wang and M.Mitomo
12P66"TEM Observation of GaN Laterally Overgrown on (111)Si"
S.Tanaka, Y.Honda, N.Sawaki and M.Hibino
12P68"A Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Cluster Implantation for Shallow Junction Formation"
12P69"ac Transport Through a Double Quantum Dot with Electron-Phonon Interaction"
Y.Yu, T.C.Au Yeung and W.Z.Shangguan
12P70"Investigations on MOCVD Grown InGaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Wire Structures"
P.Jayavel, N.Tsurumachi and M.Ogura
12P71"Characterization of Ultra-Thin InAs Quantum Wells by TEM-CL and TEM Techniques"
V.Grillo, N.Yamamoto and Y.Watanabe
12P72"Distribution of Lattice Parameter in Strained MQW Laser Diodes"
S.Seo, T.Matsuda, K.Mitose and F.Iwase
12P73"On an Optically Pumped Dual Resonant Tunneling - Based Intersubband Mid-Infrared LASER Heterostructure"
12P74"Spin Transport across the GaAs/GaAsP/Si Interfaces Probed by Muons"
E.Torikai, K.Wakahara, Y.Ikedo, K.Shimomura, K.Nagamine, T.Saka, T.Kato, K.Araki and Y.Mizuno
12P75"Investigations on Swift Heavy Ion Implantation Induced Damage on Semi-Insulating InP"
K.Santhakumar, R.Kesavamoorthy, P.Jayavel, P.Magudapathy, K.G.M.Nair and V.Ravichandran
12P76"Raman Scattering Studies on N+ Implanted n-GaAs at Low Temperature"
P.Jayavel, K.Santhakumar and M.Ogura
12P77"Selective Charge Trapping in n-MOSFETs Irradiated with 1MeV Electrons under Bias"
N.S.Shinde, V.N.Bhoraskar and S.D.Dhole
12P79"Charging Effects in Gold Nanoclusters Grown on Octanedithiol Layers"
T.Ohgi, W.Deng and D.Fujita
12P80"Structure Modification by Iridium on the Structure of Au/TiO2 Catalyst"
T.Akita, M.Okumura, K.Tanaka and M.Haruta
12P81"Laser Influence at Heterogeneous Reaction on Solid State Surface"
D.T.Alimov, S.A.Ubaidullaev, V.K.Medvedeva
12P82"Ab-initio Molecular Orbital Method for Hydrogen Induced States of Titanium III"
K.Hayashi, S.T.Nakagawa, Y.Mizuno, A.Tanaka and T.Homma
12P83"Formation of Promising Co-C Nano-Compositions"
V.Lavrentiev, H.Abe, S.Yamamoto, H.Naramoto and K.Narumi
12P84"Analytical Electron Microscopy of HDDR Processed Nd-Dy-Fe-B Magnetic Powders"
G.Drazic, P.McGuiness and S.Kobe
12P85"Characterization of Nanostructure of Rusts Formed on Wheathering Steel"
M.Kimura, T.Suzuki, G.Shigesato, S.Suzuki and H.Kihira
12P86"Characterization of the Iron Surface by Analyzing Differential Intensities of Scattered X-rays at Small Glancing Angle Incidence"
Y.Fujii, A.Tao, K.Ikeda, Y.Kusumi, E.Yanase and K.Nishio
12P87"Surface Crystal Structure of Fe Film Passivated in Borate Buffer Solution"
H.Deng, P.Qian, A.Santosa, N.Sanada, M.Yoneya and H.Nanjo
12P88"S K-edge NEXAFS Study of Sulfur-containing Amino Acid L-cysteine on Transition Metal"
S.Yagi, K.Matsumura, Y.Nakano, E.Ikenaga, S.A.Sardar, K.Soda, K.Morita, E.Hashimoto and M.Taniguchi
12P89"Investigation of Dielectric Virial Coefficients of Methoxy Acetic Acid"
*12P90"Atomic Level Characterizations of Hydroxyapatite Films for Biomedical Applications"
M.Hamdi and A.M.Ektessabi
12P91"The Model of Electrons Distribution and Correlation Properties of Surface"


An overhead projector and a 35 mm slide projector are available for the oral presentaion. A PC-projector and video-projector will be also available. Please note that the electricity outlets in Nara are AC100 V, 60 Hz.
For poster presentations a poster board of 120 cm wide and 180 cm high will be provided. Mounting materials will be supplied.