Student Award

According to the discussion by eight judge men with respect to scientific quality, originality, and expression of the abstract of the submitted applications, Scientific Committee has selected following recipients of Student Award.

M.Hamdi (Kyoto University)
"Atomic Level Characterizations of Hydroxyapatite Films for Biomedical Applications"
S.Iida (Osaka University)
"Atomic Level Characterization of Sc-O/W(100) Emitter at High Temperatures I"
T.Kawasaki (Osaka University)
"Phase Reconstruction with Aberration Correction by Three-dimensional Fourier Filtering Method"
N.Kuroiwa (Osaka Electro-Communication University)
"Cu Nano-Structure Formation and Structure Analysis on H Terminated Si(111)"
T.Yamashita (Waseda University)
"Coherent Electron Emission from Carbon Nanotubes - Young's Interference of Electrons with a Fermi Wavelength -"

The Awarding Ceremony will be held in the late afternoon of November 12 (Monday), 2001, and the short presentations by the recipients (5 min each without discussions) will be made before poster session on November 12, 2001.