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The proceedings of the symposium will be published in an electric journal, e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology (e-JSSNT). This is a non-paper version of scientific journal published by the Surface Science Society of Japan starting from May 2003. All authors of accepted contributions and invited speakers are asked to submit a paper. No distinction will be made between oral and poster presentations. There are no limitations for the manuscript pages and use of color figures. All the papers including review papers will be reviewed, and will be sited in the e-JSSNT Web site soon after being accepted. Detailed information of e-JSSNT can be found at

If you prefer publishing your paper in a traditional hard copy journal to publishing in the electric journal, you can choose publication in a special issue of Surface and Interface Analysis (SIA). This option is offered only for an original paper with the maximum page length of four journal pages. You are not allowed to submit your paper both in e-JSSNT and SIA. Since the pages of the special issue are limited, the Program Committee will select papers to be submitted in SIA if there are more papers than the allowed page limitation. The paper will be published according to a normal publication procedure of SIA (see

A limited edition of the symposium proceedings containing all the papers both in e-JSSNT and SIA will be distributed only to the participants of the symposium, as JSPS-141 Activity Report. In this edition, all the color figures will be printed monochromatically. If you do not wish to submit a paper either in e-JSSNT or SIA, you are asked to submit a manuscript only to JSPS-141 Activity Report without reviewing. However, submission to e-JSSNT or SIA is strongly recommended.

  • Proceedings Preference (e-JSSNT, SIA, or JSPS-141 Activity Report) should be decided when you submit abstract(s).
  • Deadline for submission of manuscripts is September 20, 2003.
  • Detailed information of proceedings submission will be announced on the ALC’03 Web site by July 2003.