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Student Awards
Last Updated on Aug.4, 2003


Student Awards Winners

H. Yanagisawa (Waseda University)
"The phonon dispersion of a BC3 film on NbB2(0001) surface"

Canhua Liu (University of Tokyo)
"First atomic-scale observations of two-dimensional liquefaction and solidification in real space"

Kenichi Nishinaka (Osaka University)
"Development of coincidence transmission electron microscope- Application of waveform measurement system -"

T. Fujita (Waseda University)
"Novel structures of carbon layers on Pt(111) Surface"

Kazuki Kaibuchi (Kyoto University)
"The soft X-ray analysis of fluorine from BaF2 to HfF4"


A limited number of awards (within 5) are available for students. To apply for the student award, the letter of application (any format) and the recommendation letter (any format) from the supervisor must be attached to the abstract. The deadline and the submission address are the same as those of the regular abstract. The committee will inform the decision before August. The award will be 50,000 Japanese Yen (JPY) per person, only available at the registration desk in Kauai. Note that the students who get award should pay the registration fee.
The awardee should give a short oral presentation and he should also submit his manuscipt to the proceedings (Surface and Interface Analysis).