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Invited Speakers
Updated on Oct.2

List of Invited Speakers and Tentative Titles
C.S.Fadley University of California, Davis, USA Characterizing surfaces, buried interfaces, and nanostructures with synchrotron radiation techniques: some new directions
K. Iga JSPS A right right light light device -nano and quantum structures in vertical cavity surface emitting laser-
D.Menzel TU München, Germany Electronically induced surface chemistry: Localized bond breaking vs. delocalization
Y.Nihei Tokyo Univ. Sci., Japan The  history and development of photoelectron diffraction -holography
H.Rose Darmstadt Univ., Germany Aberration correction in electron microscopy
M.Haruta Tokyo Metropolitan Univ., Japan Modern alchemy to turn gold into excellent catalysts
General Session  
T.Akita AIST, Japan TEM observation of Au particles supported on metal oxides
M.Aono Nanomaterials Laboratory, NIMS, Japan Ballistic, diffusive, and polaronic electrical conduction in organic and inorganic nanowires observed by multiple-probe scanning tunneling microscopes
F.Aumayr TU Vienna, Austria Interactions of slow highly charged ions with surfaces - from hollow atoms to novel applications
H.Brune EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland Giant spin polarization and magnetic anisotropy in nanostructures at surfaces
A.Delcorte Universite catholique de Louvain, Bergium Interaction of keV monoatomic and fullerene ions with organic materials: Experiments and simulations
Z.Ding University of Science and Technology of China Monte Carlo simulation study of SEM image for complex structures
J.Luning Stanford University, USA Resonant X-Ray spectro-holography: Imaging magnetic nanostructures
K.-H.Ernst Swiss Federal Inst. for Materials Sci. and Technol., Switzerland Amplification of chirality in two-dimensional molecular lattices
T.Greber Univ. Zürich, Switzerland Boron nitride layers on transition metal surfaces and their spontaneous nanostructuring
M.Haider CEOS GmbH, Germany Aberration correction of Electron Microscopes for Atomic Level Characterization
A.Heinrich IBM Almaden, USA Probing magnetic properties of atoms with STM
H.Ibach Research Center of Jülich, Germany Electron energy loss spectroscopy on spin waves in ultrathin ferromagnetic layers
M.Ishihara Osaka University, Japan Development of a High Performance TOF-SIMS System Using Multi-turn TOF mass analyzer
H.J.Kang Chungbuk National Univ., Korea The transient sputtering of an Si surface under low energy oxygen ion bombardment
H.J.Krezer Dalhousie Univ., Canada Digital In-line holographic microscopy: applications in biology and microfluidics
S.J.Pennycook Oak Ridge National Lab., USA Single atom imaging and spectroscopy by aberration-corrected STEM
W.-D.Schneider Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland Physics at nanostructured surfaces
M.Setou National Inst. Natural Sci., Japan Research and development of mass microscope
Y.Takai Osaka Univ., Japan Development of high-resolution bio phase transmission electron microscope
M.Taniguchi Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Japan Study of molecular reaction on titanium oxide by the scanning atom
G.Thornton Univ. College London, UK Interactions of molecules with metal-oxide single atom defects
P.Varga TU Vienna, Austria Formation and reduction of surface oxides studied on atomic scale
P.Wurz Univ. Bern, Switzerland Particle scattering off surfaces: Application in space science
H.W.Yeom Yonsei Univ., Korea Atomic-level characterization of fluctuating atomic wires on Si
Special Session  
1. Coherent Electron, Electron correlation, Fundamentals on electron probe (Tuesday, organizer: C.Oshima)
F.Hasselbach Univ. Tuebingen, Germany Recent expertiments with a biprism interferometer for charged particles
H.Lichte Dresden University Which atom is where? Which fields are around? Answers offered by Electron Holography
C.Oshima Waseda Univ., Japan Emission Properties of Demontable Single Atom Electron Source and their Applications
S.Y.Tong City Univ. Hong Kong Direct Recovery of Surface Structure from Low Energy Electron Diffraction Experiments
2. Special Session for 30th Aniversary of 141 Committee: A Histry of Instrumental Development -EPMA-  (Wednesday, organizer: R.Shimizu)
R.Shimizu Osaka Inst. Technol., Japan  
3. LEEM/PEEM (Friday, organizer: T.Koshikawa)
M.S.Altman Hong Kong Univ. Sci. Technol., Hong Kong LEEM imaging of monoatomic step motion in growth and decay at surfaces
E.Bauer Arizona State Univ., USA Microscopy of low-dimensional magnetic systems with slow electrons
T.Koshikawa Osaka Electro-Commun. Univ., Japan Dynamic measurement of ultra thin film growth by using LEEM/PEEM
A.Locatelli Elettra, Italy Self organization of ultra-thin Au and Au-Pd films on a Rh model catalyst
Th. Schmidt Univ. Wuerzburg /BESSY II, Germany SMART: first results with the aberration corrected spectromicroscope
G. Schönhense Univ. Mainz, Germany PEEM with high time resolution -imaging of transient processes and novel concepts of chromatic and spherical aberration correction
1. Rapidly developing high-performance/high-resolution AFM (Monday, organizer: S.Morita)
F.J.Giessibl Univ. Augsburg, Germany Higher-harmonics AFM
S.Morita Osaka Univ., Japan Site-specific spectroscopy and atom manipulation by AFM
H.Yamada Kyoto Univ., Japan Subnanometer-resolution imaging of molecules in liquid by AFM
2. SEM (Tuesday, organizer: O.C.Wells)
D.C.Joy ORNL/Univ. Tennessee, USA Low voltage SEM - new modes for imaging and spectroscopy
Y.Homma Tokyo Univ. Sci., Japan Imaging of single-walled carbon nanotubes by low voltage scanning electron microscopy
3. In situ electron microscopy of nano-catalyst processes (Thursday, organizer: Y.Homma)
J.-Y Liu Monsanto Company Recent development in advanced electron microscopy of nanostructured heterogeneous catalysts
S. Takeda Osaka Univ., Japan Formation of nanocatalysts for the growth of one-dimensional  nanostructures
T. Ichihashi NEC, Japan Carbon-nanopillar tubulization caused by liquidlike iron catalyst nanoparticles
Renu Sharma ASU Understanding the Growth mechanisms of Carbon Nanotubes by In Situ Observations using Environmental Transmission Electron Microscope