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Student Awards Winners

Updated on Oct.21

Volha V. Abidzina (Belarusian - Russian University)
"Surface modification in metals by the low-energy ion irradiation in discharge plasma"

Jeremy Brison (University of Namur)
"Cesium/Xenon co-sputtering and ToF-SIMS depth profiling: A fundamental survey through the periodic table"

Takuya Bungo (Osaka University)
"Dependence of depth resolution on primary energy of ions in sputter depth profiling"

Takahiro Itagaki (Waseda University)
"Field emission from a single-atom tip: Apex structure dependences of field emission properties"

Takeshi Iyasu (Osaka Institute of Technology)
"A novel approach to derive escape depth of secondary electrons as applied to Ti and TiO2"

Hidehiro Mochizuki (Tokyo University of Science)
"Surface structural analysis of h-BN/Ni(111) by X-ray photoelectron diffraction excited by Al-Ka line and Cr-Ka line"

Akihiko Nakaguchi (Osaka Electro-Communication University)
"Sb on In/Si(111) processes with dynamically observable LEEM, selected area LEED and chemically analyzed SR-XPEEM"

Naoya Sakamoto (Hokkaido University)
"High sensitive ion imaging system using direct combination of stacked-type solid-state imager and microchannel plate driven by LabVIEW software"

Shuichi Shimma (National Institute for Physiological Sciences)
"Direct MS/MS analysis in mammalian tissue sections using MALDI-QIT-TOFMS and chemical inkjet technology"

Daisuke Takagi (Tokyo University of Science)
"In-situ scanning electron microscopy of single-walled carbon nanotube growth"