About ALC

The series of international symposia entitled "Atomic Level Characterizations (ALC)" commenced in 1996 with the event in Kyoto, Japan under the auspices of the 141st Committee on Microbeam Analysis of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).

The ALC symposia focus on practical applications of the atomic level characterization of new materials and devices. Applications of and instrumentation for various analytical techniques for surface and interface analysis are therefore within the scope of these symposia, leading to the possibility of stimulating discussion among researchers who are intimately involved with analysis by different probe methods. The fundamental problems to be solved for further development of the atomic level characterization of materials are also covered, including theoretical and simulational approaches to this science.

The 2nd ALC symposium was held at Maui, Hawaii in 1997, the 3rd one at Nara/ Japan in 2001, the 4th on at Kauai/ Hawaii in 2003, and 5th one at Big Island/ Hawaii in 2005. It is time to gather again to ALC'07 which is planned to be held in Kanazawa/ Japan. In conjunction with ALC'07, 16th SIMS conference (SIMS-XVI) will be held at the nearby conference facility. The participants of the ALC can also have a chance to audit the SIMS-XVI conference with free of charge.