Preliminary Program


Presentation Instruction

Instructions for Poster Presentations (ALC’07)

Poster Sessions will be held in
  • Tuesday, October 30, 18:30~21:00 at KORYU HALL

Presenters are requested to be present at (or near) their poster during the times scheduled for poster viewing.

Boards will be available for presenters to mount their posters at lunch time on each poster-presentation day. The poster boards are 170 cm in height and 160 cm wide, and sit on a narrow table. Pins and adhesive tape will be available for mounting a poster on a board, but adhesive tape is recommended.


When preparing your poster, please include the title of your presentation, the listed author(s), and program number. A sign with your program number will be placed at the location where you are to display your work.

Posters must be removed following your session by the presenting authors. Please note that we cannot take responsibility for any posters left on the boards after the session. Posters will be removed and discarded by the conference committee if they remain on the poster boards the next morning after the poster session.

Instructions for Oral Presentations (ALC’07)


  • Tutorial lectures: 60 min including discussion.
  • Plenary lectures: 50 min.
  • Invited oral presentations: 30 min including 5 min discussion.
  • Contributed oral presentations: 20 min including 5 min discussion.

Please bring your own laptop and connect it to our system during a break time prior to the session featuring your presentation.

You should test the file well in advance of your presentation in the PC preview room located at 6F, Art Hall.

Please note that overhead projectors, 35-mm slide projectors or any other equipment are NOT available.