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Final Program


The time allocation for your presentation is as follows:

4-xxPL : Plenary talk. 30 min presentation and 5 min discussion.
n-xxKN : Keynote talk. 20 min presentation and 5 min discussion.
n-xxOR : Oral presentation. 15 min presentation and 5 min discussion.
6-xxSA : Student award short presentation. 5 min presentation. Discussion can be made in Poster Session.
nPxx : Poster presentation. 1.2x1.2 m2 poster board.

Please check your presentation program.
If you find something wrong, please send mail to (Hideshi ISHII)

Final Program


17:30 - 19:00 Welcome Reception

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08:40 - 08:55 Opening Remarks (Chairperson: T. Koshikawa)
Y. Nihei Chairperson of the Organizing Committee
G. Yokoyama Deputy Head, University-Industry Cooperation Division, the Japan Society for Promotion of Science
08:55 - 10:05 Plenary Talks (Chairpersons: Y. Nihei and D. B. Williams)
4-01PLCharacterization of Surface Properties at High Temperature as Applied to Zr-O/W(100) System
R. Shimizu
4-02PLSpin-polarized Low Energy Electron Microscopy of Ultrathin Ferromagnetic Layers and Ferromagnetic / Nonferromagnetic Sandwiches
T. Duden and E. Bauer
10:25 - 11:40 STM I (Chairpersons: J. C. Hemminger and M. Aono)
4-03KNNanocharacterization of Silicon Surfaces Using Selective Photodesorption
T. N. Rhodin and C. Paulsen-Boaz
4-04KNChemical discrimination on atomic level with STM
P. Varga
4-05KNComparative surface study of atomic images with UHV-AFM and STM
M. Iwatsuki and S. Kitamura
19:00 - 20:10 STM II (Chairpersons: J. Kirschner and T. Tsong)
4-06KNSTM and Laser Desorption Studies of the Growth and Structure of Self-Assembled Monolayers and Their Use as Photoresists for Sub-Micron Patterning of Surfaces
M. Dishner, F. J. Feher and J. C. Hemminger
4-07KNAtomic Level Characterization of Electronic and Magnetic States by Observing STM-Induced Light Emission
Z.-H.Wu, T.Nakayama, C.Thirstrup, M. Sakurai and M.Aono
4-08ORTheoretical Investigation of Exchange Force Microscopy
K. Nakamura, H. Oguchi, H. Hasegawa, K. Sueoka, K. Hayakawa and K. Mukasa
20:30 - 21:40 Depth Profiling (Chairpersons: U. Bardi and H. Yurimoto)
4-09KNHigh Resolution Medium Energy Ion Scattering Study of Silicon Oxidation and Oxynitridation
E. P. Gusev, H. C. Lu, E. Garfunken and T. Gustafsson
4-10KNApproaching Atomic Monolayer Resolution in Sputter Depth Profiling
S. Hofmann
4-11ORDepth Profiling of Te-Ge-Sb Optical Disk
A. Kojima, T. Matsunaga and N. Yamada

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08:30 - 10:10 TEM for Next Age I (Chairpersons: M. Isaacson and M. Hibino)
5-01KNQuantitative Atomic Structure Characterization by Electron Microscopy: where are we?
D. Van Dyck
5-02KNDesign, Performance, and First Results of the Spherically Corrected 200 kV TEM
H. Rose, M. Haider, S. Uhlemann, B. Kabius and K. Urban
5-03KNAberration free imaging techniques based on 3D image processing
T. Ikuta
5-04KNDevelopment of Real Time Defocus Image Modulation Processing Electron Microscope
Y. Takai, Y. Kimura, T. Ikuta, R. Shimizu, Y. Sato, S. Isakozawa and M. Ichihashi
10:30 - 12:10 TEM for Next Age II (Chairpersons: R. Rose and Y. Takai)
5-05KNElectron holography - progress at atomic dimensions
H. Lichte
5-06KNHolography with Low Energy Electrons: Applications in Molecular Biology
H.-W. Fink
5-07KNAtomic Imaging in the STEM: A Perspective
M. Isaacson
5-08KNA combined Experimental and theoretical approach to atomic scale characterization
S. J. Pennycook, M. F. Chisholm, Y. Yan, G. Duschner and S. T. Pantelides
14:30 - 16:30 Workshop I:
What is the instrumental and physical limit on quantification in surface and interface analysis
(Chairpersons: H. Kobayashi, H. Storms and M. Nagoshi)
Panelers: S. Suzuki, S. Hayashi, A. Nisawa, K. Obori and D. B. Williams
19:00 - 20:00 Poster Session I
5P01TEM study of modulated structures in magnetic Fe-Pt sputtered films
Y. Seno, H. Aoyama, S. Kuwabara and Y. Honkura
5P02Facilitation of Synthesis of Super Hard Materials
S. Horiuchi, J. Huang, L. He, J. Mao and T. Taniguchi
5P03A Method to Obtain New Materials by Electron Microscopy - Ta62Te38 Twelvefold Quasicrystal -
S. Horiuchi and M. Uchida
5P04A New Method Using AFM Application Techniques for TEM Observation of Grown-in Defects in As-Grown CZ Silicon Crystals
Y. Yanase, T. Ono, T. Kitamura, H. Horie, S. Okamoto and H. Tsuya
5P05High-resolution Electron Microscopy of New Homologous Compounds InMO3(ZnO)m (M=In, Fe, Ga, and Al; m=integer)
Chunfei Li, Y. Bando, M. Nakamura and N. Kimizuka
5P06Position Dependence of the Visibility of a Single Gold Atom in Silicon Crystals in HAADF-STEM Image Simulation
K. Nakamura, H. Kakibayashi and N. Tanaka
5P07Chemical State Analysis of Zinc Compounds by Reflection Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy
M. Nagoshi
5P08Detection of surface lattice distortion on a Si(001)-Ge surface using STM
T. Ide
5P09Growth of Si on Si(110) investigated by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
T. Kawasaki, H. Itoh, T. Yasumatsu, D. Sakai, T. Ichinokawa and C. Oshima
5P10Atomic processes at Ag/Fe and Fe/Ag interfaces
H. Noro, R. Persaud and J. A. Venables
5P11Micro-characterization of GaAs with Secondary Electron Microscopy
F. Iwase, T. Matsuda, K. Sekine and H. Maruya
5P12A 180 ° Deflection Toroidal Analyzer for Photo- and Auger Electron Diffraction
S. Shiraki, H. Ishii, M. Owari and Y. Nihei
5P13Observation of Si(111) Surfaces by Means of Energy-analyzed Electrons
M. Suzuki, M. Mogi and Y. Homma
5P14AR-XPS of surface segregated layer and native oxide layer formed on high-purity iron base alloys
S. Suzuki
5P15Electronic States of Monolayer Micro-Graphite Film on TiC and Ni
N. Hasegawa, M. Terai, M. Okuzawa, C. Oshima and S. Otani
5P16Depth profiling of the doped phosphorous in a silicon dioxide micro particle by gallium focused ion beam SIMS
M. Owari, B. Tomiyasu, H. Komatsubara, M. Satoh, S. Sakasegawa and Y. Nihei
5P17Ion and Electron Dual Focused Beam Apparatus for Three-Dimensional Microanalysis
T. Sakamoto, Zhaohui Cheng, M. Takahashi, Y. Kuramoto, M. Owari and Y. Nihei
5P18Energy Losses of Swift Protons to Hydrogen Atoms
K. Tokesi, R. H. Ritchie, T. Nagatomi and R. Shimizu
5P19Two Dimensional Elemental Mapping with Auger Electrons Induced by Ga Focused Ion Beam
Zhaohui Cheng, T. Sakamoto, M. Takahashi, Y. Kuramoto, M. Owari and Y. Nihei
5P20Metallic Band Structures of a Monolayer Epitaxial Film of Hexagonal Boron Nitride on Ni(111)
T. Kawai, J. Nakamura, T. Osaka, M. Tsukada and C. Oshima
5P21Surface Structures of Thin Films studied by Photoelectron Diffraction
H. Ishii, S. Tanigawa, S. Shiraki, T. Nakama, T. Suzuki, T. Kozakai, S. Omori and Y. Nihei
5P22STM study of the Ag(111) surface upon chlorine exposure
B. V. Andryushechkin, U. Bardi, K. N. Eltsov, V. M. Shevlyuga and V. Yu. Yurov
5P23Improvement of Light Collection Efficiency of Lens Coupled YAG Screen TV System for HVEM
K.Yamamoto, T.Tanji, M.Hibino, P.Schauer, R.Autrata
20:00 - 21:40 TEM for Next Age III (Chairpersons: D. Van Dyck and T. Ikuta)
5-09KNTrace Element Detection at Nanometer Scale Spatial Resolution
D. E. Newbury
5-10KNProcessing sequences of spatially resolved EELS spectra for an improved subnanometer characterization of nanostructures
N. Brun, C. Colliex, K. Suenaga, M. Tence and N. Bonnet
5-11KNNanometer-Scale Microanalysis of Interfaces in Thin Films
D. B. Williams, M. Watanabe and D. T. Carpenter
5-12KNIdentification of Pinning Sites by Directly Observing Magnetic Flux in High-Tc Superconductors
S. Horiuchi, M. Cantoni, M. Uchida, T. Tsuruta and Y. Matsui

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08:30 - 10:05 Ion Scattering (Chairpersons: T. Gustafsson and T. Koshikawa)
6-01KNLow energy ion scattering analysis of metal alloy surfaces
W. Heiland, M. Aschoff and S. Speller
6-02KNAtomic scale investigations of the composition and structure of bimetallic and oxide surfaces by electron and ion scattering techniques
U. Bardi
6-03OREnergy Distributions of Neutral and Positive Particles Ejected from Cu and Si(111)- " 5x5 " -Cu Surfaces Measured by Multiphoton Resonance Ionization
R. Ishigami, J. Yuhara and K. Morita
6-04KNComplete Quantification in Surface Analysis Using Sputtering and Photoionization Mass Spectrometry
Chun He
10:25 - 12:05 Topics I (Chairpersons: E. Bauer and T. Ichinokawa)
6-05KNDynamics of Oxygen Molecules and the Very Early Stage of Oxidation of Silicon (111) Surfaces
T. Tsong
6-06KNMicro-spectroscopy and spectro-microscopy at surfaces using a photoemission microscope
J. Kirschner
6-08KNMesoscopic Striped Phase on Si(001) Studied by LEEM and STM
D. E. Jones, J. P. Pelz, Y. Hong, E. Bauer and I. S. T. Tsong
6-09KNLEEM Studies of GaN and AlN Epitaxy
A. Pavlovska, E. Bauer, V. M. Torres, J. L. Edwards, R. B. Doak and I. S. T. Tsong
14:30 - 16:30 Workshop II:
Towards the ultimate depth resolution
(Chairpersons: Y. Homma and S. Hofmann)
Panelers: M. G. Dowsett, T. Yasue, S. Ichimura, T. Sakamoto and M. Kudo
19:00 - 19:35 Student Awards (Chairpersons: M. Nagoshi and Y. Homma)
Awarding Ceremony
Y. Nihei
6-09SACharacteristics of Amplified MOS Imager
K. Nagashima and T. Kunihiro
6-10SAElectron Emission from Nb Superconductor
T. Yamashita
6-11SADynamic Observation of Diamond Growth on Pt(111) Surface
N. Kobayashi
6-12SAThermal relaxation process of three dimensional islands on Si(111)7x7 surface
K. Hayashi
6-13SAReconstruction of the crystal structure by Kikuchi-band analysis in X-ray photo- and Auger electron diffraction
S. Omori
20:20 - 21:30 Poster Session II
6P01Characteristics of output signal of Amplified MOS Imager
K. Nagashima, T. Kunihiro, T. Hirata and H. Yurimoto
6P02Noise Analysis of Amplified MOS Imager1
T. Kunihiro, K. Nagashima, T. Hirata and H. Yurimoto
6P03Electron Emission from a Nb superconductor
T. Yamashita, S. Utiyama, M. Yamada, H. Fujii, S. Otsuka, K. Nagaoka, T. Osaka, T. Osaka, I. Ohdomari, C. Oshima and T. Sakurai
6P04Dynamic observation of diamond growth on Pt(111) Surface
N. Kobayashi, Y. Kimura and R. Shimizu
6P05Thermal Relaxation Processes of Three Dimensional Islands on Si(111)7x7 Surface
K. Hayashi and A. Ichimiya
6P06Reconstruction of the crystal structure by Kikuchi-band analysis in X-ray photo- and Auger electron diffraction
S. Omori, H. Ishii and Y. Nihei
6P07Microtopography formed on ion-bombarded InP surfaces
Y. Homma
6P08Analysis of Cu/Si(111) " 5x5 " Structure with High Depth Resolution Medium Energy Ion Scattering
T. Yasue, K. Yamashita, A. Ikeda, Y. Kido and T. Koshikawa
6P09Thin Cu Film Growth on Hydrogen Terminated Si(111) Surfaces
T. Koshikawa, T. Yasue and Y. Kido
6P10Secondary Alkali Ion Emission from Alkali/Si(100) and (111) Surfaces
K. Mitsukawa, T. Ueyama, M. Takada, R. S. Li, T. Yasue and T. Koshikawa
6P11SIMS Analysis of the Sidewall Film Deposited on the Al-Cu Lines
H. Kuroki, T. Watadani, J. Kobayashi and F. Baba
6P12TOF-SIMS Investigation on Secondary Ion Emission from Langmuir-Blodgett Films Formed on Different Substrate Materials
M. Kudo, N. Ogura, Y. Ichinohe, S. Yoshida, T. Watanabe, T. Hoshi and K. Endo
6P13Determination of metal elements in dust sample using SIMS
S. Oishi
6P14Thermal Change of Atomic Structures and Compositions of the (Pb,Sn)/Si(111) surfaces in the Monolayer Regime
D. Nakamura, J. Yuhara and K. Morita
6P15Highly accurate determination of Pt film structures by grazing incidence x-ray reflectivity
I. Kojima, Shiqiang Wei, Boquan Li and T. Fujimoto
6P16A Comparison between Ion and Laser Beam Ionization on Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry for Insulator Samples
M. Ohashi, T. Tsugoshi and T. Kikuchi
6P17Absolute Auger Electron Spectroscopy: accuracy and detectability
K. Goto and R. Shimizu
6P18Development of a Compact Ultra-Low Energy Ion Gun
Y. W. Beag, Y. Kimura, K. Uta, H. Takahashi and R. Shimizu
6P19Oxidation of Si with high purity ozone investigated by XPS and SHG
S. Ichimura, A. Kurokawa and K. Nakamura
26P20Atomic-hydrogen-induced self-organization processes as observed by STM and low-energy ion scattering
K. Oura, M. Katayama, R.-T. Ryu, A. A. Saranin and A. V. Zotov
6P21Observation of TiN/Ti/Si heterointerface reactions by SIMS and nonresonant laser post-ionization SNMS
S. Hayashi
6P22Surface analysis of ZnSe(111) by coaxial impact collision ion scattering spectroscopy (CAICISS)
M. Shinohara, T. Nishihara, N. Matsumura and J. Sasaie
20:35 - 21:40 Topics II (Chairpersons: M. Nagoshi and Y. Homma)
6-14ORDecontamination on Metal Oxides by Heating in the Air
K. Yanagiuchi
6-15KNTime-Resolved Electron Microscopy and Its Application
N. Osakabe
6-16ORElectron Emission from a Nb superconductor
C. Oshima, K. Nagaoka, T. Yamashita, M. Yamada, H.Fujii and S. Utiyama

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08:30 - 10:00 STM III (Chairpersons: M. Iwatsuki and T. Yasue)
7-01KNLow-temperature manipulation of Ag atoms and clusters on Ag(110) surfaces
J.T. Li, W.-D. Schneider and R. Berndt
7-02ORAtomically-Resolved Imaging of Semiconductor Surfaces with Noncontact UHV-AFM
S. Morita, Y. Sugawara, T. Uchihashi, H. Ueyama and M. Abe
7-03KNSurfactant-mediated growth of metal films: Cu on O/Ru(0001)
Ch. Ammer, K. Meinel, H. Neddermeyer and H. Wolter
7-04ORHydrogen adsorption and desorption on Si(110) investigated by STM
H. Itoh, T. Kawasaki, T. An, T. Ichinokawa and C. Oshima
10:20 - 12:00 Topics III (Chairpersons: R. Franchy and C. Oshima)
7-05KNElementary physical steps of horizontal and vertical manipulation of atoms and molecules with the STM
K. H. Rieder, L. Bartels and G. Meyer
7-06KNElemental steps in the growth of thin, crystalline oxide, and nitride films - studied by EELS and STM
R. Franchy
7-07KNEnergy loss functions for electron energy loss spectroscopy
T. Nagatomi, K. Tokesi, R. Shimizu and R. H. Ritchie
7-08KNSurface Effects in REELS Spectra
K. Tokesi
17:30 - 20:30 Banquet

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08:30 - 09:40 Topics IV (Chairpersons: S. Ichimura and M. Owari)
8-01KNAtomic surface structure of low-dimensional and Amorphous Materials
W. Raberg and K. Wandelt
8-02KNBehaviours of liquid metal small islands on Si and SiO2
T. Ichinokawa and H. Itoh
8-03ORCharacterization of selective oxide films on 26Cr ferrite stainless steels by Raman spectroscopy
Y. Matsuda and S. Azuma
10:00 - 11:15 SIMS (Chairpersons: W. Heiland and M. Kudo)
8-04KNSIMS Analysis Methods for Deep Sub-micron, Heterojunction, and Quantum Well Technologies
M. G. Dowsett
8-05KNMicroanalysis Using Ion Microprobes: Contamination Analysis on Focused Ion Beam Processed Areas
M. Takai, Y. K. Park, T. Kishimoto, T. Nagai, C. Lehrer, L. Frey and H. Ryssel
8-06KNSIMS, TOF-SIMS and X-ray microanalysis as applied to biology and medicine
K. Takaya, M. Okabe, J. Murakami, H. Onozu and T. Yoshida
11:15 - 11:35 Closing Remarks
H. Storms Vice-Chairperson of the Organizing Committee

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