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May 22 (Sun) – 27 (Fri), 2011
Olympic Parktel, Seoul, Republic of Korea
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♦♦♦ Student Awards Winners ♦♦♦

DA, Bo (University of Science and Technology of China)
“Modeling of Surface Excitation Effect for Rough Surfaces”
INABA, Takumi (Tokyo University of Science)
“Tip Characterizer of Atomic Force Microscopy Using Singly-Suspended Carbon Nanotube”
KARITA, Motoyuki (Nagoya University)
“In-situ TEM Study on the Improvement of Contact Resistance between a Carbon Nanotube and Metal Electrodes by Local Melting”
KHUAT, Thi Thu Hien (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
“Hydrogen Desorption from a Flat Si(111)1×1 Surface Studied by Sum Frequency Microscopy”
KOWARIK, Gregor (Vienna University of Technology)
“Tuning Capillary Guiding”
OHTOMO, Yudai (Tohoku University)
“Surface Morphology of Al, Si, and Cu Substrates Flattened by a 2"-size Photoemission-assisted Ion Beam Source”
PARK, Changkun (Hokkaido University)
“Oxygen Isotopic Variation of a Type A Ca-Al-rich Inclusion and Its Implication to the Early Solar System”

Student Awards

The Student Awards are designed to encourage young scientists to present their work. The award will be given to a limited number (around 5) of students.

The applicant must be the first author of the presentation. To apply for the Student Award, a letter of application, 1 page of abstract and a recommendation from your supervisor must be prepared. The application form, including the abstract and the recommendation, can be written in English or Japanese. A written form must be saved in a PDF format and should be sent together with a presentation application. A template file for an application can be downloaded below.

The deadline is the same as that for the regular application, December 13 (Mon).

The program committee will announce the winners on the website by the end of February. Each winner will receive ¥50,000, which is only available to winners who attend the symposium and submit a manuscript for SIA (Surface and Interface Analysis). Note that winners must still pay the registration fee. The winners will give a short oral presentation (5 min) at the Symposium.

Templates for an Application to the Award

You can use one of the following templates for an application.

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