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ALC ’15
October 25 (Sun) – 30 (Fri), 2015
Kunibiki Messe, Matsue, Shimane, JAPAN
(Current date/time: February 18, 2020 / 15:44 JST)
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Student Awards

Award Winners

Congratulations! The following 8 students won the Student Award of ALC'15.

Each winner will receive ¥25,000, which is only available to winners who attend the symposium and submit their manuscript to the special issue of Surface and Interface Analysis (SIA). Note that winners must still pay the registration fee. Each winner should have a short oral presentation (5 min) in the morning of October 27.

  • Mr. Yuki HANDA (Osaka Institute of Technology)
    “Surface potential distribution of insulating film on a conductive substrate irradiated by electron beam with an application of the bias-voltage”
  • Mr. Shuto ITO (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
    “Overwritable Liquid Selective Open Channel”
  • Ms. Tetsumi IZAWA (Tokyo University of Science)
    “Edge-Roughness Engineering on Thermoelectric Performance of Graphene Nanoribbons: Theoretical and Computational Prediction”
  • Mr. Eugen MICHEL (Julich Research Center)
    “Electron energy loss spectroscopy of exchange-dominated spin waves in ultrathin hexagonal cobalt films grown on three different substrates”
  • Mr. Shota MORIMOTO (Yokohama National University)
    “Mass spectrometry imaging of mouse liver using functional γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles”
  • Mr. Hiroshi NAKAJIMA (Osaka Prefecture University)
    “Foucault optical system by using non-dedicated conventional TEM”
  • Mr. Chenxing WANG (Nagoya University)
    “In situ SEM/STM observations and growth control of monolayer graphene on SiC (0001) wide terraces”
  • Mr. Kejun ZHANG (University of Science and Technology of China)
    “A Theoretical Method for Calculation of STEM-EELS Spectra of Nanoparticles”
Student Award Winners
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