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Manuscripts for Reviewed Journals

Selected papers will be considered for publication in a special issue of “Surface and Interface Analysis” (SIA; Wiley) or “e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology” (e-JSSNT; SSSJ).

i. Special issue of Surface and Interface Analysis (SIA)
This is a traditional hard copy journal published by Wiley InterScience. This option is offered only for a paper with the maximum page length of 4 journal pages (about 4000 words) for contributed papers and 6 journal pages (about 6000 words) for invited ones including figures and tables. Figures and tables should be counted as 250 words equivalent each at normal size. Abstract should not exceed 250 words. Since the pages of the special issue are limited, the publication committee will select papers to be accepted in SIA. The paper will be published according to a normal publication procedure of SIA (see Only a corresponding author in the issue can receive a free issue copy.
ii. e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology (e-JSSNT)
This is a non-paper version of scientific journal published by the Surface Science Society of Japan. There are no page limitations and use of color figures. All the papers including review papers will be peer-reviewed, and will be published in the e-JSSNT web site soon after being accepted. Detailed information of e-JSSNT can be found at

Authors can submit the same contents as the proceedings, however, submission format should follow respective instructions of journals which you want to submit.

SIA/e-JSSNT Deadline

January 12 (Fri), 2018

How to Prepare a Manuscript

Prepare your manuscript according to SIA or e-JSSNT instructions depending on which journal you want to submit to.

How to Submit a Manuscript

Submit a Manuscript for SIA

Reviewing process for the special issue of SIA is different from a normal one. You should submit the manuscript to the publication committee of this symposium via this web page but NOT the Wiley web site.

The manuscript can be prepared by Microsoft Word or LaTeX. Read the following cautions for Word and LaTeX users before you submit a manuscript.

MS Word Users
Submit a single DOC file which includes all text, figures and tables. Figures and tables must be on separate pages after the references list, and not be incorporated into the main text. SIA does not accept Microsoft Word 2007 documents (.docx) at this time. Please use Word's “Save As” option to save your document as a .doc file type.
LaTeX Users
Submit a single PDF file which was generated from your source files. The pdf file should include all text, figures and tables.

To submit your manuscript, put your application ID (the ID number which was given upon application) and the registered e-mail, then click on a [Initial Submission for SIA] button below.

Your Application ID:
E-mail (should be the same as submitted):

Results of the reviewing process will be sent to you by e-mail from one of editors. A revised version of your manuscript, reply to the referee and comments to the editor should be sent by an e-mail directly to the relevant editor. His/her e-mail address will be informed to you with the results of the reviwing process. If you have any questions or query of your paper status, send e-mail to the editorial board (the address is shown below).

(‘@’ of the e-mail address is replaced by ‘(AT)’)

You will be requested to upload all source files when the reviewing process is finished. Details will be notified via an e-mail from the publication committee.

Submit a Manuscript for e-JSSNT

  1. Before you start a submission procedure, please confirm that all file names do NOT include two-byte characters, diacritics and spaces. Detailed information for manuscript preparation is here.
  2. Visit <J-STAGE manuscript submission site> and login to the web system. Please create your account first if you have never logged in before. Instruction for the web submission is here.
  3. Choose “Conference paper” for Manuscript Type, and “Conference-ALC” for Conference name.
  4. Fill in other fields as same as a normal submission, and proceed.

All reviewing and publication processes will be conformed with e-JSSNT procedure. Please follow the instructions written in the e-JSSNT web site.

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